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Club Training

Panthers has established a path way for soccer players from playing in recreation leagues to competing in the minor league and collegiate soccer.

Panthers Pro Training offers the Tri-State area’s most diverse, dynamic and exciting coaches that your club will be exposed to. Overseen by Top Coaches, each coach has been carefully selected through an extensive recruitment process to meet the criteria set by our Coaching Staff. Each coach must attend weekly staff training and are encouraged to pursue their American Coaching qualifications.

Our coaches work with your team on a weekly basis and help your players improve throughout the season. Our coaches are open to your coaches’s input and will create customised sessions to match your team’s needs.

Rec Training

Our philosophy is for more focus on development and enjoyment through soccer over success. We believe that player success is measure on technical ability as opposed to athleticism. Each player must graduate from Key Stages 1 and Key Stages 2 before they can progress to the next level. Our goal is to create as many ‘travel ready’ players as possible through this program.

Age-appropriate programs will be designed to meet your players’ needs.

Pre-Travel Team Development Training

Once players have established the basic skills through the Fury Rec programs they must enroll to a ‘Pre- Travel Development Squad’. This is for players looking to participate at the travel-team level. Fury provide these players with age-appropriate player-development curriculums that prepare your players to compete at the travel-team level.

Travel Team Training

We will create player development plans for your club that focus on your team’s players’ technical and tactical development. Our training sessions are designed to give your team a competitive edge.

Premier Travel Team Training

Premier level Travel-Team Training is designed for players who want to play at a high-level of competition. Teams looking to maintain their competitive advantage should be looking for full-time professional training. This takes time and commitment from the players as well as our staff. We will work closely with your team to ensure they receive the appropriate training for their skill level. Training sessions range from technical, tactical, and functional training to exploring systems, patterns, and phases of play as well as set plays. Tournaments and State Cups are highly recommended. Player’s match analysis will be conducted and will prove to be instrumental in assesing a player’s progress.

College Prep Training



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