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Newsletter Note:   Exclusive Interview Friday, May 19, 2017 at 08:15

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Hello Fury Fans!, Myles Englis here! Just wanted to give you a quick update about this upcoming weekend! As you may know, itís a battle between the two unbeaten teams in the league. We at the Fury are coming off of two games where we were able to really show what we could do on the offensive side, coming away with twelve goals in two games, which we really take pride in. Additionally, weíve had a great week of training and are peaking at just the right time going into this match at the weekend. Weíre extremely excited and hope you all are as well! For me, the Fury has been tremendous. The entire staff has given me the opportunity to take my game to the next level and I feel like Iím grabbing that opportunity with both hands. Everything from the top down is professional and they are giving me all the tools I need to be successful on and off the field. I am grateful for the chance Matt Driver gave me and Iím excited to see what the future holds! See you at the game, and donít be afraid to swing by and say hello after! All the best, Myles Englis #20



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